Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bud is "wiser"

Although this campaign may have come out over a year ago it is still arguably the best ad campaign in recent history. Bud Light's Real Men of Genius campaign is a series of mp3 files formally known as "Real American Heroes" where the average American man is saluted for doing average American tasks such as Mr. Frozen Turkey Helpline Guy. Each ad follows a consistent pattern announcing which real man of genius they are celebrating intertwined with the hilarious backup singer emphasizing the key points of the message. These advertisements are so addicting that you end up listening to 20 of them at a time with a group of friends and you don't even mind hearing the quick "Bud Light Beer Anheuser-Busch St. Louis, Missouri" at the very end. Talk about effective advertainment!

I'm sure parents would say that an advertising campaign this entertaining and popular would brain wash underage kids into wanting to drink Bud Light beer. The Budweiser website where the ads are located requires you to enter your birthdate before you are directed to the actual homepage. Yes, one can simply make up a birthday that makes them 21 but this eliminates children who are too young to figure out how to manipulate the system (because they are the ones who are most vulnerable to brain washing). Perhaps I will feel differently about advertainment when I am a parent, but for now I enjoy being entertained by advertising and not bashed over the head by it.


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