Wednesday, September 20, 2006 Broadens Its Name Through Addicting Feature calls itself "the world's fastest growing family network" where you can create family photo albums as well as research your ancestors. I have seen banner advertisements for the website in the past but never felt the need to participate. Recently, I was looking at my friend's MySpace page and she had "My Celebrity Look-a-likes" in her profile where her face was surrounded by celebrities that did look quite similar to her. cleverly gives users the option to put their celeb look-a-like results in their MySpace or Blog pages to target people like me: curious first time users who are intrigued by celebrities. I uploaded a picture of myself and instantly the program scanned their file of celebrities to match my features with the celebrities who resembled me the most. After about an hour of uploading different pictures to see which celebrities look like me, I wondered if creating the traditional photo albums would be as simple.

People are vain and they idolize celebrities. Combining these two features by showing vain consumers what gorgeous celebrity they look like is a formula for a popular website. What started out as simple advertainment for turned into intricate word of mouth for the website.


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an interesting post - but remember you need to post more than once a week. You got 5 out of 10 points this week.

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