Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kid Friendly Advertainment

I have read blogs arguing advertainment is an evil method of brainwashing children who simply think they are playing a game. Although I understand and respect the point of view, my faith was restored in the unique form of advertising when I visited the nickelodeon website. To my surprise, the website does a great job differentiating Nickelodeon's content from the advertisements. The word "advertisement" appears over the ad in bold white text on top of a black background. If had not made a clear distinction, even adults would have trouble differentiating the animated website from the animated advertisements. Next, I ventured over to the game section and clicked on Spongebob Bikini Bottom Carnival. The carnival is composed of nine tents, each of which you can click on for a different game. I selected "Sundae Splatter" expecting to find a pointless Spongebob game, but I was surprised to find the game had an actual educational purpose. All you have to do is type in the letter that appears in the bubble over Spongebob's head and if you type in the correct letter, he scoops ice cream into his bowl. Each time you type in the correct letter Spongebob scoops more ice cream into his bowl until he has created an ice cream sundae. You repeat the process for three minutes to see how many sundaes you can make...I made 58!...yes I did play a preschool level game for three whole minutes.

The game is a fun incentive for a child to improve their typing skills. It helps you learn where each letter is on the keyboard through constant repetition and positive reinforcement by winning points. Instead of a parent breathing down their child's neck forcing them to practice typing, the child has the opportunity to experience something educational from a well-liked and humorous character.


Blogger Kim said...

good posts - 10 points - better if ya threw in a link to at least one of the blogs talking about the evils of kids and advertainment

your point of view and opinions are coming thru -that's good.

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