Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Now What?

I am in bed and decide to watch TV so I tune into my favorite channel E!. During the commercial break I watch an ad where two girls who are all dressed up get out of their car and hand their keys to who they think is the vallet parking attendant. They giggle and flirt for a minute and after the man gets in their car they are approached by another man in an actual parking attendant uniform who asks if they will be needing vallet service tonight... all of a sudden the man in their car peels out of the parking lot and the tag line is NOW WHAT? Followed by, "to find out go to nowwhat.com" Excited that this may lead to potential blog material, I visited now what and discovered this commercial was for State Farm Insurance.

The website is really cool and has animated links explaining in great detail how to protect your home and car through renters and car insurance. The renter insurance page has links of every part of the room giving advice on everything from preventing break-ins to checking your smoke detectors. I would never expect an insurance website to be so "young adult friendly" by including visually stimulating explainations and tips written in simple language. State Farm Insurance goes even further and intertwines advertainment into their website. The first form of advertainment is called AIM Instant Disasters where you can play a prank on a friend's computer by sending them a link and when they click on it you can choose what "disaster" they see on their screen. Various disasters include bugs creeping across the screen, a hole burning through the screen, and the appearance that the screen is shattered. If this was not enough entertainment, you could enter in State Farm Insurance's iFilm Now What? Video Contest where you submit a video about the last time something made you say "now what?" whether it was surprising, strange, or flat-out silly. Prizes include a trip to the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, Windows Media Center PC, or $20,000 in cash.

When I think of insurance I picture a lot of confusing terms and conditions, pages of text, and a man in a business suit speaking in jargon. State Farm Insurance transformed that image into commercials with cliff-hangers and a fun interactive website. Once my parents stop supporting me, State Farm will be one of the first insurance agencies I will think of due to their age friendly advertising. OK, realistically I will probably use the same insurance that my parents have but State Farm Insurance definitely has a solid campaign.


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