Sunday, September 10, 2006


I've just been introduced to the world of blogging! It has taken me a little while getting used to the whole concept of sharing my own thoughts and findings on a topic, but I am enjoying it. Over the course of ten weeks I will be exploring the way companies use the marketing trend known as "advertainment" to promote their products. Consumers have become jaded by traditional in-your-face advertisements that simply announce a product,its price, and where you can get it. Now companies have become very creative with the way they get their target market to pay attention to their product.

I came across advertainment called "Servin' It Up" on Pepsi's website. I clicked on the picture and it led me to an interactive game with full instructions where I could choose my character-Pepsi Guy, Hot Dog Girl, or Mozzarella Girl. As the game began I had to serve different customers in the restaurant based on their order. My character had to select the food and beverage that the customer ordered and drop it into their tray. There was a time constraint, so you had to concentrate and work fast. Not only was the game fast and entertaining, but the only beverage choice was of course PEPSI. While I was playing this fun game, I was constantly focusing on serving the customers Pepsi in a short amount of time. This type of advertising is brilliant because after a while you don't realize that you are playing in one giant ad. I encourage you to check out the Pepsi Game and see what I'm talking about!


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