Monday, October 09, 2006

Evolutionary Musical by Absolut Ruby Red

I wanted to avoid using another alcohol example for advertainment, however, I could not ignore Absolut's eccentric musical film staring a grapefruit that I found on a blog about online entertainment. I had to wait several minutes for the media to load which was a little irritating, however, Absolut did its best to keep me entertained by presenting a drink recipe while I waited. Finally, the content loaded and the Absolut Ruby Red Evolutionary Musical was ready to be played. The music begins and you are instantly on the Grapefruit's bizzare journey to find its purpose in life. Suddenly the musical comes to a halt and you are asked to make a decision, which will determine the way in which the grapefruit will evolve. After four chapters of deciding the Grapefruit's fate, we finally reach the end of the journey where the Grapefruit discovers its purpose in life is to be the flavor that enhances Absolut Vodka! Fireworks light up the screen and there is a big celebration among all the characters and creatures introduced in the musical.

The musical was so over-the-top and eccentric that I had to play it twice to understand what the purpose of producing it was. I got the picture the second time since I wasn't as distracted by the crazy animations and song. The main point is that grapefruits are frequently neglected and not a traditional flavor used in alcoholic beverages. Therefore, there was a need for the nobel grapefruit to go on a quest to search for its purpose in life. I appreciated the amount of consumer interaction the video required: not too much, not too little. Absolut maintained its unique and stylish image throughout the game so loyal customers would still be able to identify with the product.


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