Saturday, October 28, 2006

I Don't Feel Like Dancing

My roommate sent me an email with a link that led me to probably the best advertainment I have experienced since creating this blog. The video loaded and as the elevator doors opened, two performers' bodies danced out on to the screen: one of my head and the other my friend's head. I was hysterically laughing the entire time watching my head on this tiny woman's body performing a perfectly choreographed dance with my friend. While watching, I could change the hair color and style of each performer...the afro and pink pixie wig were among my favorites. Of course, I immediately created my own and sent it to my mom, brother, and friend at a different college. If the video had that immediate effect on me, I can only imagine how quickly this hilarious advertainment has spread.

After watching the video, the first thing I said to my roommate was, "What is this advertising?" (Hoping I could have some fabulous blog material). We looked at the bottom of the page and the video was in fact promoting an American band called Scissor Sisters who are under the disco/glam rock/pop I dont tend to listen to, which is probably why I had never heard of them.

I created videos for all my friends and previewed the video so many times that I memorized the catchy song "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" and had it stuck in my head all day. This is an effective method of advertising because consumers have such a fun time listening to the song because they are the stars of the music video. Subconsciously, they are forming positive assosciations with the band and will be more likely to purchase a Scissor Sister song or album in the future.


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