Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Johnson & Johnson Targets Moms Through Advergame

Johnson & Johnson has just launched a new online game called Buddies Scrubbies that targets mothers instead of children in effort to increase their product sales. If all ten levels are completed successfully, the player will receive a Johnson & Johnson product coupon. The player has two minutes to bathe a certain amount of toddlers using the company's product line. When the toddlers are sufficiently bathed, the bathtub lights up and a father enters the room ready to dry the toddler off. One may think that interactive games can only be targeted to teenagers, however, according to a Consumer Electronics Association study, 65 percent of women 25-34 play video games. The game reflects Johnson and Johnson's company image which is based on care and trust. According to their website, their new ad campaign demonstrates the company's interest in the parent-child relationship and reinforces the belief that "having a baby changes everything."

When I first discovered Johnson & Johnson was marketing an online game to mothers, I was skeptical because I have been researching advertainment for a while and all the advergames seemed to target teens and tweens. As my maternal instinct began to kick in while my character was running around to bathe multiple children, I knew it was properly targeting at mothers. However, I did not have the energy to complete all ten levels as I did not share the incentive a mother would have stick it out for the product coupon.


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