Monday, October 16, 2006

Nestle's Lantern Project

Nestle has a current interactive campaign during Ramadan called Ramadan Kareem. The purpose is to have vistors of the campaign website virtually light lanterns on the map of the Arab world. Each time a participant "lights" a lantern, Nestle will donate 1 Saudi Riyal to the Red Crescent Society. The goal is to light 100,000 lanterns which will be an equivalent of 21,000 Euros worth of gifts donated to orphans helped by the Red Crescent Society. So far 91,000 lanterns have been lit so Nestle's goal has almost been accomplished. Instead of Nestle donating the money directly, they incorporate consumers to generate positive brand recognition. Two Nestle products are involved in this charity drive: Maggi and Nestle Condensed Milk. Another cool aspect of this website is the "Ramadan Daily Menu" section where healthy recipe suggestions are offered for those celebrating the month of Ramandan.

I found this campaign on Ad Blog Arabia where I registered to light my own lantern. After filling out the required information to register, I was told that I was not elegible to donate a lantern because I did not live in an Arabic country. At first I was offended that they would not let me dontate because I was from America, but then I realized that if the campaign allowed participants from any country donate, Nestle would be responisble for donating millions of dollars to this fund. I bet they calculated how many internet users there were in Arabic countries and based their donation goal on that figure.


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