Monday, October 02, 2006

Prep-Unit Tea Partay

Smirnoff has produced a gansta rap parody that is floating around youtube in effort to promote their new drink Raw Tea. The video makes fun of wealthy "wasps" from New England who play croquet, eat finger sandwiches, and of course drink Smirnoff. A group of conservative white guys called the "Prep-Unit" rap about thier posh lives vacationing in Cape Cod and getting "down with the ladies" at tea parties. The video is a little cheesy but definitely worth checking out.

At the end of the video an announcer quickly tells the viewers to drink responsibly and visit I obeyed the announcer and visited the website where I had to enter in my birthdate to verify I am of legal drinking age, as any responsible alcohol company should do. Smirnoff's Raw Tea website has the Country Club Rap that is on Youtube plus more advertainment. There is a link called the Prepsta Guide which is a Tea Partay Handbook teaching one how to throw the proper Tea Par-taay. The guide clearly differentiates between "prepsta" and "gansta" so one does not get confused. After skimming through the entire handbook I was horrified to find my HOMETOWN New Canaan, CT in the book. It is located in the section of "what to listen to at a tea partay." A fake list of prep-rap tracks are listed and my hometown track is called: Inheritin' Ain't Easy by New Canaan New Skool. Well it is a good thing I don't take myself too seriously otherwise I would have just learned that my whole life was been a parody thanks to Smirnoff.


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