Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Travelistic- The YouTube of Family Vacations

I recently came across a new website via the Marketing VOX Blog called Travelistic where people can post videos and share travel experiences and tips using social networking features such as tagging and user profile pages. The goal of Travelistic is to become the YouTube of online travel.

The website is divided into four sections: videos, places, people, and upload. The site's homepage contains the most recent videos, a list of the most popular tag words, the most popular producers, and a casting call for a weekly host for Travelistic's podcast series. The video section of the website is divided into featured videos, most viewed, top ranked, and new uploads...very similar to YouTube. The "place" section has the map of the world with tags on countries that have travel features (the number of features of that country is included in the tag). The people category contains links to the most active commenters, the most traveled people, the most popular producers, and the people whose videos are the highest ranked.

The map feature is my favorite part of the website because I will be studying in Spain next semester so I dragged the mouse over Spain on the map and it turns out that there are 12 videos for Spain, 2 of which are Barcelona--where I will be studying! Now I don't have to rely on cheesy tourism websites that shape your trip for you. This website shows the side of travel people are really looking for. There are videos that still show the typical sites that tourists like to visit when they travel, but they also show the night life that you never get to see prior to arrival.

According to an article on MediaPost Publications, Travelistic is relying on an ad-supported business model that includes video ads from marketers including Accura, Procter & Gamble, and Days Inn. There is advertainment everywhere here...first of all, cities all over the world are getting free publicity through entertaining home videos. This way consumers probably will not get as annoyed when they see an ad for Accura as they would when they are watching the travel channel and have to watch 30 second TV commercials.


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