Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Virtual Halloween Costume Collection

I thought I was excited about Halloween, but I got even MORE pumped about celebrating the holiday after checking out a website I found on A Japanese retailer called LOFT just launched this new website showcasing their halloween costumes in the most unique way I have ever seen. The first page is a mosiac of retro halloween tiles that are all links to the costume page. There is smokey black and white lighting, only emphasizing the costume and model in color. Each costume that you preview has a model on a catwalk to make the outfit desirable. What other halloween costume webpage has a runway show to display their outfits?!

In the background there is a catchy Hip-Hop beat with subtle lyrics encouraging the viewer to "buy all the costumes--buy the whole store." Every so often there is a halloween-appropriate sound effect--but nothing that takes away from the site's cool sexy image. The urban music puts the viewer in an excited state, as they should be in when they are considering making a purchase. The big problem is, there is no option to purchase the costumes on the website. I clicked on the store information link and I don't know what the Japanese characters said, but the English text did not say anything about a check-out. It's too bad because I had my eye on the shiny waitress ensamble.


Blogger Shara said...

Hi Ali, I want to introduce you to

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Blogger Kim said...

good posts 10 points

and you got spammed - sorry about that - we'll turn on comment moderation in class on wednesday

the grapfruit movie was hysterical - thanks for hte info

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