Saturday, November 25, 2006

Burger King and XBox Co-Brand

This week Burger King's retail locations have three BK-branded games compatible with Microsoft's XBox and XBox 360 consoles for $3.99, with purchase of a Value Meal, according to Marketing VOX Blog.

The three games are:

Pocketbike Racer - a racing game
Big Bumpin' - featuring bumper cars
Sneak King - where the player (Burger King mascot) must surprise hungry characters with a BK sandwich.

In addition to the King, the games will feature other BK ad characters, such as Brooke Burke and the Subservient Chicken. The games allow gamers to play against each other through XBox Live.

Advertising and gaming seem to be quite compatible. Gamers are used to constant product placement in their video games, so marketing these games via Burger King value meals will most likely not harm the chances of purchase. During the holiday season, people tend to enjoy home cooked meals with their families which as a result, may harm revenue for the fast food industry. Launching this campaign right in time for Black-Friday, people have a major incentive to purchase a value meal from Burger King in order to take part in the XBox gaming frenzy. Check out the BK gamer culture at


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