Sunday, November 05, 2006

Coke Zero Launches Racy Advertainment Site in Scandinavia

I spent some time on the Coke Zero website that I found on the advertising blog Adverblog. This campaign is running in the European Nordic region using an Australian theme. Three scruffy looking beach bums called the "Dudes of Zero" appear during the site introduction talking to the target audience, males 18-24 about girlfriends with zero drama and sex with zero foreplay. Apparently you get all of that when you drink the new Coke Zero. After the slightly offensive introduction, you are lead to the main page where the "Dudes of Zero" are lounging on a couch in a shack on a beach. The first thing that happens is the picture on the wall (a sleazy woman wearing a low cut tank top) invites you to click on her to enter the Zero Boot Camp. The link leads you to a pointless activity where you are presented with typical "annoying girlfriend" situations and must select the best option that will shut up the girlfriend without making her nice...

The homepage contains many more sexist links giving men the worse possible advice on women. The links include: Zero Fundamentals, a list of 5 essential "suave" sentences to say to your girl. There is also Bios on the Dudes of Zero and the opportunity to purchase Coke Zero merchandise. Perhaps it is because I am not in the target demographic, but I have absolutely no desire to purchase or drink a Coke Zero after visiting this website. Women are portrayed as annoying sex objects that should not be given the right of speaking their minds. The other comments posted on Adverblog share similar opinions regarding this mini-site saying that it portrays Australians in an unintelligent light and makes Coke look bad for giving the campaign the "OK".


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