Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How Do You Feel Today?

Rimmel London has integrated some pretty cool advertainment into their website by putting the consumer in different scenarios to show which type of Rimmel make up is appropriate according to the situation. Whether you are feeling flirty, laid back or experimental, Rimmel London has the perfect look just for you.

The homepage asks the viewer to select how they are feeling today by choosing between six emotions: extroverted, easy going, experimental, chilled out, energetic or flirty. Each link brings you to a different location depending on the mood you select. If you select flirty, for instance, you are brought to a virtual club in Soho full of techno music, flirty men and a full bar. The site gives you a series of playful options such as - mingle on the dance floor or get a drink at the bar. Once you arrive at the bar, you have a plethora of men to chose from. After a potential love interest is selected, you can ask him a series of questions until his profile appears and you decide if you are happy or heartbroken due to your findings. Just to see what would happen, I said he broke my heart and as a result, the website suggested I purchase Rimmel Waterproof Mascara. I was so legitimately entertained by the virtual club scene that I forgot the purpose was to promote Rimmel...pretty clever advertainment if you ask me!

Although the content is fun and original, I find it questionable that alcohol is promoted on Rimmel's website without the suggestion that underage consumers should not participate. However, based on the language the website uses such as, "What type of man do you fancy?", I am fairly certain the material is intended for a British audience where the drinking age is younger than in the United States. Perhaps Rimmel's web designers should have been more sensitive to the age of their consumers.

In regard to the site's overall image, Kate Moss may not be the most positive person to represent the brand, however, Rimmel London has done a great job focusing on the consumer rather than showing off their supermodel spokeswoman.


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