Monday, November 06, 2006

It's Not Magic...

Hummer has a cool mini-site featuring magician Daniel Chesterfield to promote the Mid-Size H3. The website is full of great graphics and magical sound effects controlled by the hand movements of show magician Daniel Chesterfield. I found the link to the mini-site through another interesting advertainment blog called dirkschuetze. You have two options on the homepage: enter the site or visit the official Hummer website. As I clicked on "enter the site" a small virtual version of Daniel Chesterfield walks out on to the black screen and moves the text window with the wave of his hands. I appreciated the site's creativity while the homepage loaded because they stayed consistent with the mini-site's theme, which resulted in maintaining my interest.

I watched three videos about the Mid-Size H3 which promoted its smaller size, better maneuverability, and fuel mileage. The first video was called "The Briefcase" in which the magician miraculously transforms a briefcase full of $29,500 into the H3. The second video, “Gas Station” demonstrates the H3’s surprising fuel efficiency, where it passes a gas station without stopping for fuel. The third video is called "Parking Garage" where the magician uses his powers to fit the Hummer inside a garage. This plays on the idea that the H3 is smaller than the previous models and will actually fit inside your garage.

Although I found these videos to be entertaining, it made me feel as though Hummer was contradicting its "tough bad boy" image. Previous Hummer models do not apologize for their size and accuse you of being a wimp if you can't handle it. Other blogs back up my opinion such as this car blog that I found when I was researching the campaign. Even though Hummer may have a contradicting message, it is obvious that they are trying to branch out to a wider market...perhaps women.


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