Thursday, November 23, 2006

Reversa Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Public relations firm, Taxi has launched a seductive website promoting a line of anti-wrinkle cream called Reversa. Contrary to the racy Coke Zero website degrating women, this website focuses on older woman having their fun with younger men. Although both marketing approaches may be offensive on some level, it all comes down to the fact that sex sells. The mini-site has high-definition graphics and flash putting you right into the "Reversa" experience. The target audience is visible right away as an attractive middle-age women in a nice white pant suit sits on a couch reading a magazine. Using a sensual voice, the announcer directs you to the line of anti-aging skin care products and warns the consumer that intense side effects may follow.

The four skin caring products include a sun-spot reducing cream, anti-wrinkle cream, night corrective cream, and a skin smoothing cream. There is a description of each product followed by a list of "side effects" that are links to seductive clips of attractive men acting as personal slaves to a women's every need. Does it degrade men? Yes. Is it outrageous enough for the average consumer to overlook the sexual overtone? Definitely. The use of humor and sex appeal are appropriate for the target demographic: middle age women who desire the youthful appearance they once had as well as the young men they once pursued.


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