Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Stunt Man

My favorite source for new advertainment, Adverblog presented a new and quite disturbing promotion for an upcoming ad campaign for Rexona: The Stunt Man. Initially you just see a virtual man enclosed in a plastic case as an action figure would be in a toystore. You have to press the red button to release the man and as the case fades away, the background morphs into a dark ally with typical dark ally objects...trash cans, dumpsters, a beat up car, etc. A timer appears on the screen and instructions appear informing you that you have two minutes to drag the man around the screen being as violent as possible with him. As the timer began to count down, I dragged the man toward a second story window and he was thrown into the air, smashes through the glass, soars back out the window and crashes onto the ground. Seconds later he is back on his feet in the orginal position he was standing in without any visible injuries. Curious if it was possible to injur the stunt man, I dragged him toward the car and he was tossed up into the air and came crashing down on to the front windshield and slowly tumbled off the hood of the car on to the ground. Sure enough, he stood right up on his own two feet without a scratch.

I don't know how this company is planning on preventing children from accessing this violent material but it would have an awful impact on children and young teens. First of all, the violence itself is completely inappropriate for children and the fact that you can throw the character up against a brick wall and through a car window without him getting hurt sends the wrong message to those playing the game. The message is displayed on the screen even before the game begins..."VIOLENCE IS AN ILLUSION" Ok so basically they are giving children the message that if you jump out your bedroom windown, nothing will happen? Not cool...


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