Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tyler's Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide!!

Maybe I'm just excited because I am a complete Food Network junkie...

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and millions of families all over the United States are trying to decide on the perfect dishes to prepare for that special family gathering. This holiday in particular puts a lot of stress on the culinarily-challenged, so these people have the unique opportunity to visit The Food Network website where they can chose 10 out of the 26 holiday dishes for their personalized menu plan. The show's talented (and cute) host, Tyler Florence will take visitors through each dish's preparation, including shortcuts and techniques until the whole meal is complete.

The best part of this Food Network Special is that it is all done online, so you can pause and rewind at any time. It is like having a professional chef at your side the entire time you are cooking. It is fun to watch the domestic divas in full action on TV but its pretty much impossible to keep up with them if you are actually trying to attempt the dish they are preparing. Sometimes, they even get cocky about their superior cooking talents...just last night Alton Brown, host of "Good Eats" wore a blindfold as he prepared corn pudding. This is not typical of the many Food Network chefs who graciously explain the easiest way to prepare mouth-watering healthy meals in the shortest amount of time.

So relax and work at your own pace because Tyler is going to help you prepare the ultimate Thanksgiving feast. Happy Thanksgiving!


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