Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Will It Blend?

I first discovered the "Will it Blend?" series on YouTube where a man name Tom Dickson puts unconventional items such as marbles, coke cans, turkey still on the bone, etc. in a blender to see what happens. A particularly fascinating experiment is where the host blends 50 glass marbles to find out that the outcome is sandy glass particles. When the top of the blender is removed, a white vapor comparable to dry ice emerges and the audience is warned not to breathe near the experiment as the mesmerizing vapor is in fact glass particles! The experiment turns the blender upside-down and the final product is a small pile of white sand.

Other bizarre experiments from the Will It Blend official website include:
-Mixing coca-cola and chicken: Cochicken
-Combing a DVD, popcorn, and a can full of coke: A movie smoothie
-Combing a turkey drumstick, cranberry sauce, and stuffing: Thanksgiving dinner smoothie

To promote the "Juice Golf Ball" Nike has created a mini-site with a similar theme. According to the mini-site, the new golf ball is designed for more carry and distance. Perfect for low to mid-head speed players who need a little more juice! The experimenters launch the Juice Golf Balls out of a cannon-type mechanism at various objects to show the effects of the new powerful ball. Such objects include: a ceramic bunny, ice sculpture, lava lamp, birthday cake, jello mold, cantaloupe, a gumball machine and a jar of mayonnaise. Each object is shattered in slow motion in a fraction of a second. I'm not quite sure how accurate the actual destruction is, however the visuals make Nike's new balls seem like a desirable purchase.


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